Lakeway Apartments | Rental Criteria

Lakeway Apartments (hereafter referred to as “Management”) does business in accordance with federal and state fair housing laws. Management does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, natural origin, disability or family status.


Each applicant 18 years and older must submit an application and non-refundable $40.00 single application fee or a $50.00 joint application fee. All application fees must accompany to completed Texas Apartment Association (TAA) application form and all fees paid in full at the office listed above by check, money order, cashier check, debit or credit card before said application will be processed. Applicant must also submit an application deposit based on the size of the apartment desired. Upon approval of the application, the application deposit is considered to be the rental deposit and is maintained by the management. A statement of deposit will be mailed 30 days after vacating the premises by all occupants minus any lawful deductions of the security deposit.


EMPLOYMENT AND INCOME: Following are the minimum procedures which will be used to verify employment prior to approval of the application. In order to quality as lease holder, my gross monthly income must be at least equal to three (3) times the amount of the projected rent for the property which It desires to lease. It must provide Management with proof of any additional income (e.g.; child support, alimony, social security, disability payment, dividends, etc.) which assist in meeting the qualifications.

Management will verify job title, rate of pay and length of employment or will provide management with written proof of employment that which verify job title, rate of pay and length of employment within two (2) business days of application submittal. This written proof of employment will be signed by the official at the applicant’s place of work who is directly responsible for official employment information provided to local, state and federal agencies or two most recent paycheck stubs.

If Military, the applicant will provide a current LES (DFAS form 702). Self-employed or retired, applicant will provide Management with copies of your bank statement for the past six months or copies of the first page of their Federal Income Tax return for the last two years. They will need to provide this information within two (2) business days of initial application submittal.

Management will accept TAA lease Guarantor Agreements from qualified guarantors only when necessary. I agree to provide Management with this documentation within two (2) business days of initial application.

RESIDENTIAL HISTORY: The applicant will provide Management with the necessary information to verify a minimum of six months of my residences. Favorable residential history will indicate that you have fulfilled all prior financial commitments. If the applicant qualifies as a full-time student or has no prior rental or home ownership history, then the TAA Lease Guarantor Agreement from a qualified guarantor may be acceptable to meet his requirement.

CREDIT HISTORY: A review of the applicant’s credit history is authorized. The most current credit report must show that at least 50% of the accounts reflected on it have had a favorable status within the last twelve (12) months. Favorable status means no more than two (2) late payments reported, neither of which can be more than 45 days past due.

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Applicant must understand that applications with known derogatory criminal history, violent or sex crime committed by any applicant or by other occupants (including children) will be denied rental opportunities.


No Pet Property

OCCUPANCY STANDARDS: In the absence of federal guidelines, legislation, and judicial case law on what constitutes a “reasonable occupancy standard for families” under fair housing laws, Management has established the following standards, in compliance with guidelines set by the Texas Commission of Human Rights:

Maximum occupancy per apartments

One-bedroom No more than two (2) residents/occupants

Two-bedroom No more than four (4) residents/occupants

ROOMMATES: Each roommate is fully responsible for the entire rental payment and each roommate must read and sign the lease agreement. Each roommate must complete a rental application and pay a rental application processing fee.

NEWBORN INFANTS: For leasing purposes, newborn infants under the age of one (1) year are not defined as residents or occupants. At the time of lease expiration, if a newborn has become older than (1) year causing the residents/occupants to exceed the maximum occupancy limit for the apartment; the resident (s) will be given the choice of

  • Giving a 30-day written notice and vacating the apartment.
  • Remaining in the apartment on a month-to-month basis until a large unit becomes available. Resident will pay the applicable month-to-month fee of $100.00 in addition to market rent.


Successful processing of this application is very much dependent upon my cooperation and honesty. In the event that I voluntarily withdraw my application, my application fee and applicant deposits will be non-refundable and used to cover liquidating damages cited in paragraph 5 of the application.